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Monday, 20.11.2017

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Player's name: Player's name is concealed
Date of birth: Hidden
Status: Hidden
Chess class (indicated by user): -
FIDE rating (indicated by user): -
Club member since: 10.07.2013
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Sex: Male
Classic ratings: 1872 | 1881 | 1795 (Rating change)
Place at the site TOP (classic chess): Long: 3 | Blitz: 13 | Super blitz: 23
Battle ratings: 1837 | 1863 | 1771 (Rating change)
Place at the site TOP (battle chess): Long: 8 | Blitz: 9 | Super blitz: 14
Team: Dream Team
Classic games played: 181
Battle games played: 323
Tournament class: H (battle chess) | G (classic chess)
Participation in tournaments: battle chess | classic chess
Active classic games: 0
Active battle games: 0
Online activity: -
Communication activity: No. of internal messages sent: 2210
Messages on forum: 0
User's photoalbum: 5
Concealed setups: 0
Awards    all prizes
The prizewinner of round 1 of the tournamentTournament Monthly Battle chess online Series Blitz 31.08.2013

Tournament participant Battle chess online: defenders of russian land. Kutuzov

Tournament participant Battle Chess online: Team Leaders Tournament

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