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Tuesday, 21.05.2019

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An interview with Oleg Palamarchuk (mirazh65)
10.06.2008 // Miron
An interview with the prize winner in numerous tournaments in Battle Chess and classical chess, player mirazh65

An interview with Vladimir Vasiliev ()
15.05.2008 // Miron
An interview with player , who was ranked first in the 30 of the Battle Chess portal, May 2008both in Battle chess and in classical chess.

An Interview with Sergei Kurov (Chess_man)
An interview with the winner of the online classical chess tournament dedicated to The Motherland Defenders' Day, player Chess_man.

An interview with Andrey Lukov (Unbound)
04.02.2008 // Miron
An interview with the first finalist of the online Battle Chess tournament First Winter 2007player Unbound.

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